Date: 22nd May 2011 at 9:53pm
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No interview here I`m afraid, but I`ll do my best to remember what was said over a couple of pints of hardcore limewater with worbo! I say ‘remember`, but let`s face it, my memory is almost as solid as Carlo Ancelotti`s job… oh? sorry, I mean as non-existent.

We had a bit of banter about the situation of our two clubs; Wigan were facing relegation if they didn`t pull out the stops for today`s fixture, meanwhile Stoke were hoping to secure a top half finish and delicately place the red and white cherry on the extraordinary cake that has been this season. It was squeaky bum time for worbo`s beloved Latics, who he has been supporting since he was a wee worbo, and you could sense his apprehensiveness.

The way that ‘Survival Sunday` could have potentially panned out was very complicated, which worbo and I did ponder over for a bit, but couldn`t be bothered to work it out exactly. In short; he reckoned that if Wigan lost, they were down for sure, with a draw being ‘touch and go`.

So going into the match, from Wigan`s perspective, what didworbo think about his team`s chances? He concurred with me that Stoke aren`t just about long balls and abilities in the air, we can pass a ball and have fantastic counter-attacking threats in the likes of Jermaine Pennant and Mathew Etherington down the wings. But he felt that Wigan equally had their threats, Charles N`Zogbia especially is a fantastic winger on either side. He can cut players up and retain possession well had has been the kick-start to many Wigan attacks this season. Worbo felt it would be close, but had a feeling that his side could pull off a good result, predicting a 2-1 win.

Grandad knew it was going to be a tough game today and said: “I wouldn`t be a bit surprised if it`s a draw you know”. I however, was quietly confident about grabbing the three points and predicted a 2-1 win for us? how wrong was I hey?

Stoke were dominating the first 20 minutes or so and were looking most likely to score, but we didn`t. We couldn`t put the chances away, and with the decisions going against us i.e. the disallowed goal and the stonewall penalty shouts; our fortune was not going to be so lucky this afternoon.

All credit to Wigan however! Worbo told me that Martinez organizes his squad in a manner that parallels Barcelona, which admittedly I did have a little chuckle over, but the more I watched them pass, the more I believed worbo`s word.

They deserved the points today and deserve extending their stay in the Premier League. It`s no skin off our nuts in all honesty, because we already secured a fourth year in the top flight and have Europe to look forward to next season.

It was great to meet worbo and pick his brains about the game. I wish him and all at Vital Wigan every success in the future, and hope we`ll see each other again soon! But obviously I`ll be hoping that he`ll be congratulating me the next time we do meet up.


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  • Never mind lads! WE’RE ALL GOING ON A EUROPEAN TOUR! A EUROPEAN TOUR!! A EUROPEAN TOUR!! 😀 We’ve had an unexpected season of dizzy heights, and it’ll be one that will remain in our memories for the rest of our lives (perhaps not quite as long for Kalisz though apparently). So all you moaners who say “oh Stoke were have ruined the season and we’re worse than last year” should fill their mouths with oatcakes and look at the bigger picture!! At least we’re not in Brum’s situation where we’ve won a cup but got relegated anyway!! I’d much prefer our position and look forward to continuing the gradual improvement that we have been seeing over the past 4 years or so 🙂

  • Great occassion today for us (Wigan), not too bothered about the performance it was the result that mattered and we got it, nearly gave me a few heart attacks though. A big thanx to all the Stoke supporters who shook my hand and said ‘well done’ when I was walking back to the car, really nice touch to what was an anxious but ultimately great day. Nice to meet up Ryan, lets do it again next season, we are both Premier League 😉

  • Great Day….. I knew we’d get somthing today. Stoke made it very hard though. Nice people, and hope to be down at the Brittania next season.

  • Congrats Wigan on survival! I’m only very slightly sour grapes about you beating us but nevermind, it wasn’t as much of a cost to us as it would have been for you if we won. Looking forward to next season now

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