Date: 11th March 2009 at 3:42pm
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With the start of the season ticket sales just around the corner – will you be renewing your ticket?

The Potters sold a record 19,000 season tickets for our first season in the Premier League and the club will be keen for all those first time buyers to renew their tickets.

It’s unlikely to be clear in which division we’ll be playing next season until the end of April at the earliest and although many fans will renew their season tickets regardless of where we end up there will be many others, such as those who bought for the first time last year, who will be deciding whether to take a punt on the traditional ‘early bird’ discounts or wait and see and pay the higher rates if we do stay up.

An added complication is that many people are finding their finances are under significantly more strain than they were twelve months ago as local industry has taken another battering not to mention the wider economy. The club have promised to take the recession into account when fixing prices but there is no doubt that it’s unlikely season tickets sales will match last season’s heady heights even if we stay in the Premier League.


4 Replies to “Stoke: Will you be renewing yours?”

  • There are strong rumours that season ticket prices will be frozen at this season’s levels. So, yes, I will be renewing. Even though it isn’t yet clear whether we will stay in the Prem, there are more matches in the Championship so I am not too worried about paying the same price whatever the league. We have three winnable home games befeore the end of April – win those and we’ll almost be able to touch the winning post!

  • I’ll be buying mine wherever we end up. If they hold the prices that’s good enough for me. Up the Potters!!!

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