Date: 7th August 2011 at 12:21pm
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Stoke are closing in on the signing of Spurs midfielder Wilson Palacios, according to reports from a football agent on Twitter.

‘Football_Agent9` announced on his Twitter site, which has over 13,000 followers:

“Palacios has agreed personal terms with Stoke City. Announcement tomorrow/Tuesday for sure”.

Vital Stoke would like to stress these are completely unconfirmed reports at the moment, but if they are credible, the Honduran will apparently join Stoke for an initial fee of £6 million, potentially rising to £10 million depending on the Potters’ performance in Europe.

The 27-year-old joined Tottenham from Wigan Athletic for £12 million in 2009, but has recently found first-team opportunities limited at White Hart Lane with Sandro, Tom Huddlestone and Jermaine Jenas all being preferred in the enforcer`s role.

He would be a massive signing and a big statement of intent for Stoke as Pulis looks to build on the success of last year by targeting players of undoubted class.

Built like an Ox and technically gifted, Palacios seems the perfect fit for a Stoke side who beyond their obvious physical attributes, are evolving into a team with genuine footballing quality.

Exciting times! It promises to be a very interesting month…


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  • He’d be a good player for you. Passing can be a bit iffy but got excellent energy levels and will battle for (and sometimes win) lost causes. I’d be happy for him to stay at Spurs but he’s certainly behind Sandro and Hudd in the pecking order now, so this would probably be a good move for both sides.

  • He was understandably affected by the death of his brother, and his form did suffer. If he gets back to the level when he first joined us, you’ll have a very useful player on your hands.

  • Tom, I have nothing against you/Stoke wanting Palacios, and urging his sign with your article. I do, however, take serious issue with you second-but-last paragraph, saying: ” … evolving into a team with genuine footballing quality”. You are kidding, of course, I imagine. Palacios, with his average passing ability, has more battling qualities than he has footballing, and knowing your manager, as we’ve all come to, footballing qualities would have been the last thing on his mind when he thought of Palacios. In my opinion, Palacios will bring your team closer, than ever before, to a Rugby Elevens side. In fact, I imagine your ranking, amongst non-Stoke fans, as the team anyone would most like to relegated would go off the radar (with Palacios in your ruck). Footballing qualities my backside. Cha!

  • Good luck Wilson, he’ll be the perfect player for a team like you, Stoke fans. Not the biggest person, but still a big physical presence. His departure should open the door to Diarra joining us. COYS!

  • We may not be in the so-called Premier League rule book that some fans keep referring to (which is indeed a figment of imagination), and most don?t think our style is ?pretty? or whatever. But the most important thing is that is works like tonys_baseball_cap said. We pride ourselves on being different and relish opportunities to show what we truly are made of, especially to those who for some reason hate us or think that we?re a rugby team. Arsene Wenger being the biggest culprit. If you whizz back to the 70?s, tackles were much more brutal and weren?t frowned upon as they would be now. It?s could be a point that players of today are built more from tissue paper instead of meat and bone. You may question the lack of quality when a team uses physicality, but isn?t it playing to your strengths, literally? We do that and it?s worked for us, making Pulis one of our greatest managers. But having said that we do have quality players who can inject that bit of flair when needed, so that can?t be used against us. We are not all about long balls and gung-ho approaches, and we are continuously improving each year. Wilson would be a great addition for us because he is a good holding defender, not just because he can be physical, but because he can feed the wingers and cover defenders brilliantly.

  • Cheers for that lads. From what I saw of Palacios at Wigan he was more than decent on the ball as well as really powerful, he was also linked to Man United & Real Madrid before joining Tottenham so clearly has good pedigree.

    Whilst compared to the likes of other Spurs players such as Modric & Huddlestone, you’re right – he probably is a very average passer, but he’s right at the top of our realistic spectrum in signing players.

    @Rofo, I?m all for debate, but labelling us a ‘Rugby Elevens side’ is slightly disrespectful ,especially considering the goals we’ve scored against your team in recent years which, if anything, have only evoked our growing quality. Palacios would be a probable upgrade on Dean Whitehead, we wouldn?t be expecting an outrageous passer, just a good footballer and I believe we would get that.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to two more well-contested Stoke V Spurs games next year! Apart from our first visit to White Hart Lane, our games have always been competitive!

    All the best for next season.

  • Totally agree Tom and Ryan. We aint no rugby team by any stretch of the mind. Obviously they can’t see us for what we really are, and that is a dormant volcano ready to errupt into the ‘best of the rest’

  • I’m a Spurs fan, and if this goes through, you will have an amazing signing. He is the type of player Spurs need, but since he gives away a bad pass once a half, the Spurs fans think he is the devil. They only zoom in on the fancy stuff, and not the basics that Palacios provides to allow the Modrics and the Bales of the world to have space and do their thing. Criminally underrated and underused at Spurs. To the people taking the ***** of Palacios passing, we had Bentley, Modric, Hudd all passing beautifully for Ramos and we were bottom of the table. It’s not all about passing.

  • Oh ho! Hold the press, gibbs131 is about to re-invent football; he says it’s not all about passing.

  • He’s not saying that at all! Of course you need to pass, but you need the players such as Palacios to regain and hold up in order to pass to others. That’s what he’s good at, hense ‘holding’ midfielder.

  • Good luck with Palacios. He is a good player, but would not have gotten much playing time this year at Spurs. I wish him well! Loyal player, never anything trouble off the pitch!

  • Wilson will be a very decent player for you and I can see him adding a decent mix of steel and energy to compliment your ever improving style of play. for those of you that dont take the time to watch stoke, they have changed from a side that was happy to win however ugly, into one that is now genuinely looking to play football. two wingers of the quality of pennent and etherington and testiomony the the wat TP is developing the side and I have to give him massive credit for the way he manages the side.

  • My purpose, Rhin0, is that football will return to the people, (sans all the money in it). Then, there’ll be a better chance that the game will be played the way it ought to … on the grass.

  • Cheers for that Oxfordspur, always nice to have an informed and intelligent view from another supporter.

  • oxfordspur speaks a lot of sence. Finally, somebody recognises that we are a good side that is ever improving. roforofoSpurs; isn’t it good to mix things up a bit? Tippy-tappy-tippy-tappy football is boring at the end of the day and I’d much rather see balls floating into the box making defenders scramble to clear. It’s more exciting then see

  • palacious a good buy for us,would also like us to hijack boltons attempt to get tunny on loan,he was brill and was well liked by all.i for one loved his style and contribution,remember goal aginst manure and back heel against man titty

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