Date: 10th December 2011 at 11:55am
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Before this week`s televised game at the Britannia Stadium, Lloyd Reddin spoke to a Tottenham Hotspurs based fan; Glen Allen for his views on how Spurs have started the season and how he views the mighty potters.

1. What were your expectations for this season? And have they now changed?
Our expectations at the beginning of the season were to finish in the much sought after top four. After the fantastic run which we enjoyed in last season`s Champions League there was no better motivation than to qualify again. Most supporters believe that with the current squad that we have it should be a realistic target.

2. Who would you say is your danger man?

You could take your pick from several players, Adebayor, van der Vaart, Lennon or Modríc but the more consistent threat will come from Gareth Bale. Combining pace with a good touch will always be a danger to any team.

3. What would you say are your strengths as a team?

With the wealth attacking players we have at our disposal, you would have to say we are always going to create plenty of chances during a game. Any player could get on the score sheet from our forward player to full-back Kyle Walker.

4. What would you say are your weaknesses as a team?

A weakness that does seem to me is defensively just not quiet tight enough and teams do tend to score. The acquisition of Gary Cahill from Bolton on transfer deadline would of been ideal. Maybe this deal can happen in the January window.

5. How do you feel about your manager?

Harry Redknapp has done a fantastic job in turning around the fortunes of the club. Supporters now have genuine optimism for the season ahead and beyond.

6. Fabio Capello’s contract runs out at the end of the Euro’s. Harry Redknapp is the favourite for the job. Do you think he will take it & if so who would you like to succeed him?

Harry has always said on record on many occasions that if the FA came calling and were to offer him the job, it would be difficult to turn it down as it is the ultimate role for any English manager. We just hope that with continued success at Tottenham and keeping key players to match his own ambitions it will persuade him to stay. If he did leave there are plenty of options out there both home and abroad. Carlo Ancellotti has been suggested, as has this week in the press, our chairman`s liking for a member of the coaching staff, Tim Sherwood. I personally would love to see José Mourinho given the role, something of a point to prove to Chelsea for letting him go. No better motivation.

7. Stoke raided you for a few players in the summer… Is there any other fringe players that would fit in at the Britannia?

I think the close friendship our managers have, have made many of the recent transfer dealing between ourselves happen. A player i believe would do very well at the Britannia would be Roman Pavlyuchenko. Stoke always just seem to lacking a good finisher since the days of Mark Stein.

8. Which player (s) do you fear from the Stoke City side?

The main threat in the Stoke team I`m sure will come from a fired up Peter Crouch. Sure his wife Abby will certainly have a word or two to say for making her move away from London’s fabulous shopping attractions.

9. Is there any Stoke players you would like to add to your squad?

I mentioned earlier that Gary Cahill would be a good acquisition, so would Ryan Shawcross. Proven himself very comfortable with the Premier League and was also called up to the full England squad not so long ago. He is definitely one to watch in the near future.

10. How do you think Stoke will do this season?

Stoke’s place in the Premier League will be assured for another year I`m certain. There are teams with less quality squads who will struggle more than Stoke. The only problem that could distract them would be progression in the Europa League competition. Stoke will finish in the top ten.

11. What is your likely line-up for the match?

Likely line up;
Walker, Kaboul, Gallas, Assou-Ekotto
Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale
van der Vaart

12. Finally, what`s your score prediction for the match?

A hard fought 2-1 victory for Tottenham.

I would like to thank Glen for taking some time out to answer these questions. His views show that Tottenham are having a good season and are definitely a team on the up with some explosive players that can change the game in an instant. Stoke will have to defend as a unit and counter well, I believe the midfield battle will be vital to proceedings.

My score predictions are that Stoke will fight hard and nick a point off Spurs.
Stoke 1 (Crouch) Tottenham 1 (Adebayor)


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  • Lloyd, good article mate, sensible questions and very similar answers to my own thoughts. Don’t concern yourself with blackrat (never seen him on vital spurs), and Ox is just annoyed cos he’s our site journo (but he rarely publishes my articles)

    I fancy us to extend our unbeaten run but you have a few ex Spurs players who have a point to prove, hopefully Kaboul will neutralise Crouchie and Bale will prove too quick for Woody. You are a physical side so it will be a hard fought battle no doubt. The weather forecast is hovering around hurricane levels so I can’t see the beautiful game being much in evidence at the Britannia stadium, more a case of keeping the ball on the deck and a short passing game. Yep 1-2 is my prediction, I’d love to see Scotty Parker finally get a goal for us and no doubt Crouchie will embarras us, But Ade will secure the points with a couple of nervy minutes to run down the clock. After that all the best for the season. COYS

  • oxfordspur; you’re more than welcome to send me your answers and we’ll put them up here. If you wish, we could also do post-match interviews too 🙂

  • Chill your beans blackrat1299 it’s a simple mistake that isn’t even worth the energy to type about. And are you referring to your head asherthemasher? 😉 cracking article lad, I agree with Kalisz and hotspur58 on that. But I predict 1-1 to be optermistic! I’ll be glad if we get a point today

  • Well done. Whatever you paid the ref was well worth it. What a disgrace he was and your fans. They seen to know nothing about football.

  • Your team is a disgrace and if we had proper referees in this league you would never finish with 11 players. Enjoy the points, a reward for thuggery and blind refereeing.

  • This game just showed the level of football skill that Stoke has. In addittion the referee was just incompetent, and gave too many wrong decisions in favour of Stoke City. Makes all football fans in this country and the world question the statement that the English Premier League is the best in the world!

  • Personally I don’t like Stoke much either, but there is no getting away from the fact that they use whatever resources they have to very good effect, so I think criticising them for the way they play is a bit wide of the mark. I’m sure the Stoke fans are immune to all the negative comments, and I’m sure Blackpool enjoyed all the plaudits for their performances last season rather more than they enjoyed getting relegated. The ref gave bad decisions for both teams today (Modric bought that penalty IMO), so both fans have a right to complain, not just the Spurs fans. Blatantly bad refereeing is the elephant in the room that the FA seems neither willing nor able to confront, and until they do we’ll see more crap performances from the like of Attwell, Foy and their ilk.

  • fifthcolumnblue Modric made the most of the penalty, agreed, difference being that it was a penalty as the defender made contact. So it doesnt counter balance all the decisions that went against Spurs. Inept reffing, should not be seeing again

  • and as for stke making the most out of the resources they have do me a favour they are a disgrace to the PL they dont play football they just bully and long ball that is it they bring the quality of the league down they dont deserve to be on the same pitch as all those teams who actually try to play pullis needs to ***** off

  • I effing hate it when fans think it’s noble or justified to critisize the playing styles of other clubs. So Stoke play a style of football that isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as others, so what? Given the money of the premiership and the fiscal meltdown that relegation entails I think it’d ridiculously arrogant of supporters of bigger teams to stamp their little feet and complain that the team that has just taken points off them by long ball/physical/gritty football didn’t try and play like Barcelona and get torn apart in the process.
    Just because Spurs are playing attractive football gives you no right to condemn the styles of other, less high-profile clubs for whom relegation is more likely than progressing up into the top 4/6. Stoke can play whatever way they feel gets them the best results, as Bolton did before under Allardyce. Bigger clubs may not like it when they get their noses bloodied but tough, these clubs have no perogative to just lay down and gift points in the name of a more attractive playing style. We all have to play Stoke this season and given how successful they’ve been I’ll wager we’ll have to play them more in seasons to come, and (aside from our inevitable losses at the Britannia, I hope they continue.

  • Ryan K, Here is a post match interview from a Spurs fan. You won the first half, we got it wrong and gifted you 2 goals. Harry changed it for the second half but was unable to read the refs mind (how could anyone apart from Foy get so much so wrong?)
    I have NEVER sworn so much at a referee in my life, I left the pub and wandered round in the rain in a daze for half an hour trying to take in what I had witnessed.
    Both sides gave there all and I honestly felt robbed of at least 1 if not all 3 points. Foy ruined it.

    You should read the Vital Spurs site, it got a bit heated to say the least.

    Credit to all your ex-Spurs players who were all fired up, Even Wilson when he came on, and you bagged all the points.

    Anyone who comes to the Brittania staduim is in for a scrap Tony Pullis knows how to get the best out of your players and you will stay well within the top half this season.

    as I left the boozer someone said it had been an entertaining game! I didn’t quite see it that way myself. Funny old game.

  • You lot sound like your neighbours across the City. Yeah we don’t play good football, but it’s effective.

    I do have to admit looking back on the decisions, you were robbed, but didn’t you steal 3 points off us last season when Crouch decided to catch it on the line. Swings and roundabouts folks.

    Hope you lot all the best for the season, would prefer you to win the title then the likes of the “bigger” clubs, but please don’t start becoming all high and mighty like their fans, it doesn’t suit you.

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