Date: 24th August 2018 at 5:29pm
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It’s being reported this afternoon that Stoke City and Brentford have agreed a deal for talented midfielder Ryan Woods.

The 24-year-old midfielder came through Shrewsbury Town’s ranks and got is break at Griffin Park in the 2015 transfer window. Highly rated the youngster has gone on to establish himself as a key player for the side since his arrival and he now has well over 200 career appearances to his name.

He featured for them this season in their victory over Southend United in the EFL Cup but speculation about his future had been rife, and Stoke weren’t the only side linked with potential moves for him prior to the permanent transfer window slamming shut.

It’s long been known that that closure of the permanent window would not preclude loan to buy deals from taking place, so quite why the boffins who thought up the recent changes thought it would bring stability for clubs and managers is beyond me. The only thing it achieved was in giving Sky Sports News a second deadline day to latch to with more faux hysteria.

The £7million deal for Woods proves this and Sky Sports state he will complete his medical somepoint today ahead of an official announcement either later this evening or early tomorrow morning.

Woods was their Player of the Season in 2018/19 and I think he’s an excellent capture for Stoke as we look to get our season up and running properly, but this shows the permanent window deadline for what it is.

A fabricated joke that simply doesn’t achieve what it was supposedly designed to.


8 Replies to “Latest Stoke Speculation Makes A Mockery Of The Transfer Window”

  • Everyone at Brentford will be sorry to see Ryan Woods leave because he has been one of our best players ever. I have no doubt that his presence in the Stoke team will give them stability and help them to recover from a dire start to their season. so he will be worth every penny spent to secure his services.

    On the bright side, us Bees fans are not disconsolate at losing him because it sends out a signal to many young aspiring players that if they come to Brentford they stand a very good chance of moving ahead with their careers. We already have several future international players in our squad who in the fullness of time will come into their stride and build a base for the continuing success of ‘little’ Brentford.

  • I suppose a lot of what you say depends on whether or not you think Stoke is an improvement on Brentford – at the moment I suspect it’s not!

  • …. Well, time will tell, of course, but I tend to agree with Brighton Bee.
    The only thing that could possibly have appealed to Ryan is the D-O-S-H involved. Let’s see what Stoke are prepared to pay him if they carry on their downward spiral.

  • Woods, has jumped ship.
    BFC, invested a lot of training, time and support in this player, being very supportive during his domestic travails, last season.
    It looks like,’ Woods, didn’t react well to prospective new signingss, because he lusts after money.

  • I have no hard feelings for Woodsie leaving. He’s given 3 years quality service and with a baby on the way he’s looking after his family. We’ve often seen players leave for more money and its back fired on them as we play a fairly unique way at this level so it will be interesting to see how he fairs in a Gary Rowett “score a goal then put 10 men behind the ball” team.
    As for the transfer window, i totally agree with the columnist; what a joke. Woods hasnt played this season other than in the EFL Cup. That can only be because this transfer was likely. He in our side would almost certainly strengthen what is already proving to be a strong side. Its a rediculously obvious loophole that doesnt fix any of the issues teams had last year. The window should shut when the season starts, end of. Stoke have had the benefit of seeing how their team have faired (none too well) and have been given a second chance to improve, to the detriment of us (again). I can’t see how thats fair

  • The local radio station in Stoke said that Ryan Woods lives only 20 minutes from Stoke, so that would imply between Stoke and Shrewsbury, his original club. Maybe he wanted to be nearer home and not spend the week in a hotel (I believe he has a young family?) and maybe Stoke were able to offer him more in pay? This would seem to be a win-win for the player. I agree that the ‘transfer window’ should close and loans should also be concluded on the same date. Maybe the player was considering many offers? Which could be the reason he didn’t move prior to deadline day.

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