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As you know, Nathan ‘Granary` Lightfoot tragically passed away, much to the shock and sorrow of his friends and family. I did my tribute earlier in the week, and I`ve been receiving some short eulogies from some other friends, of both mine and his, to publish in his honor as well. Here is what they had to say:

Joe Mather: “My first meeting with Nathan was when I sat by him in year nine chemistry and we got talking about football. We talked about Alan Hansen`s derision of Ashley Cole at the weekend. It quickly became clear that he understood the game better than anyone id ever met, football coaches included.

“His understanding of tactics and systems was literally unmatched and he also had a keen appreciation for the joyful side of the game such as ‘Fuller Magic’. An avid fan of Stoke City throughout their lower league time, in his typical humorous cynicism he described his teams system as ‘two banks of four, Sidibe, and then Fuller in another post code`.

“I probably spent the majority of my GCSE’s talking about football with him, be it real life football or who we were going to sign on Football Manager 07 (Martyn Skyrtel to Stoke), where he naturally achieved unprecedented results. I watched England crash out of the World Cup with him and I watched Stoke destroy Bolton 5-1 with him, always having fun discussing it in depth with him.

“Nath, or Granary as he was affectionately known, was an exceptionally gifted student, cricketer, footballer and thinker. And was also the best friend you could ever ask for. Rest in peace Granary. X”

Hannah Norish: “I just remember Granary falling asleep in reception class at Pirehill First School. At the time, it was freaking hilarious! Also, he can do more pushups than you would think haha! He’s gonna really be missed.”

Anonymous: “Nathan Lightfoot, a lifelong Stoke fan. Although he wasn’t the biggest fan of the playing style, he was a potter through and through. Such a funny, intelligent person who had his whole life ahead of him. Rest In Peace Nathan.”

Jake Matthews: “Granary, as we all called him, loved his football. He understood the game like few I’ve met and, even though he didn’t like the way Stoke played, he appreciated the tactical side of it, and even tried to implement it on Football Manager!

“Me being a Man City fan, we had plenty of pre FA Cup final banter (he always came out on top). Of course, there was so much more to him than football. He was immensely clever, witty and kind, he gave his all in everything he did and he was one of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.

“I am genuinely honored to have called him one of my best friends, and that he considered me as one too. A very special person who I’ll never ever forget. Miss you mate.”

Joanne Garner: “Staggering back from Nick’s party along Lichfeild Road:
– ‘Where do you live Granary, I think you need to go home?`
– ‘Where am I going?`
I know it`s only short, but it means a lot now.”

Henry Jervis: “Nathan was one of the truest friends I’ve ever had. His insightful conversation and easy, endearing wit made his company such a pleasure to keep. Even as I write this, fresh memories of our time together come to me. You have branded your unique mark on my life Nathan, and I will never forget it. You’d mock me for saying it, but I love you Granary.”

Chris Proctor: “Nathan was a top lad and a great sportsman. I remember playing cricket against him and even though the banter was there, we still had a laugh with each other… an amazing person who will be hugely missed.”

James Carruthers: “I feel so proud say that Nath one of my closest friends. He was one of the best cricketers I ever played with. Such a talented and funny guy, Never forgotten x.”

Thank you very much to all those people who sent me something. These kind words further emphasize how much he was loved, and appreciated by all. He will be remembered in our fondest memories.

R.I.P Nathan ‘Granary` Lightfoot`

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