Date: 5th December 2007 at 12:00pm
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Do you want to have your say on the Potters? If you have a view or something to say, we want to hear it.

There are several ways that you can make your voice heard…

First make sure you’ve registered via our free registration area.

Then either…

Enter your comment into Have your say about this article at the foot of each item.

Click on either News suggestion or Poll Suggestion in the Have your say box on the right hand side of this page and submit your own article or idea for a poll for possible publication. We promise not to veto an article just because it may conflict with ours, we’re very keen to get all shades of Potters’ opinion and you’ll get full recognition on the website for your contribution.

Go to the Club Forums at the top of the page and get some banter going with other Stoke fans and fans from other Vital sites. We know that this is our most underused area of the site – but it’s there – go and use it!.

If you have any other ideas, please email me – my email address is at the top of the page.


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  • Come on you potters, sign up and you can have some good fun, like my posts on the articles below. :))::):):):):)

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